Saturday, September 19, 2015


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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Monster Invasion: Tentacle Abduction

Tentacle Abduction

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A woman awakes in a strange location, only to find out that she has been captured by aliens. A tentacle monster is the master of these aliens, and is looking for a human woman to impregnate and carry its spawn.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Picture from Tentacle movie coming September 19th


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Commander GOLDIE wakes up from a bad dream, only to find that earth is under attack. Command is badly damaged, and GOLDIE must activate earth defenses before its to late. But is all really as it seems...(Forced Clothing Removal/ Mind Control/ Forced Orgasm)

Sunday, September 6, 2015


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Commander GOLDIE has been captured by a hostel alien. He wants the command codes to get past earth's defense platforms. The alien will do whatever it takes to get them from her. (Bondage/ Clothing Destruction/ Breast Fondling/Fainting)

Saturday, September 5, 2015



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Dr. Hills is working on making teleportation from science fiction to reality. However when she attempts to test it something goes wrong. A tentacle creature from another dimension is teleported into her lab and wants sex. (Tentacles/Penetration/ Forced orgasm/ Clothing Forcefully Removed)

Huxly's Amazombie Traps Slut Hunter - Part 3 of 3 - A&M

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The Amazon Queen (Saharra Huxly) has caught the one hunting her and all her . Chichi Medina's zombie days are over. She's been beaten, chewed on, clothes torn to shreds, along with being mouth and pussy fucked. Now the fucking is coming to an end and the strap-on is coming off. Chichi fainted from all the energy she has put out. When she comes around she is tied to one of the make shift fence posts, hands above her head. She's only wearing her shoes and the tattered remains of her wife beater. And now, the Zombie Queen seems to remember one of her favorite past times before she became the undead mother. That would be, tickling. She still likes to watch her captives squirm and wiggle around before she...well, who knows what this zombie really wants to eat.
Huxly's Amazombie Traps Slut Hunter - Part 2 of 3 - A&M

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Chichi Medina is not having a good day hunting zombies. She was doing fine until she decided to hunt down their queen. Now the queen has her down on the ground, her clothes ripped and soiled and she's covered in zombie saliva. But soon, it will only get worse. This zombie queen has a cock, and she's gonna make the of her and make her suck and fuck it. It's time for some undead deep down dicking.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Huxly's Amazombie Traps Slut Hunter - Part 1 of 3 - A&M
Check out this video at Saharra Huxly
Chichi Medina has survived the initial infection of the zombie apocalypse. She discovered that she is really good at hunting and the undead. Even more so, she has discovered the existence of the zombie queen. According to what she has learned, if the queen is , the rest will be cured. She's tracked the queen to this location and knows she is close by, but just can't find her. That's because she's snuck up behind you Chichi. And she isn't going to let you get the upper hand. She takes several punches from Chichi that do next to nothing to her, she's just to strong. But the onslaught of punches and foot stomps are too much for the huntress. Her shirt gets cut by her claws exposing her breasts. The Queen drools some weird green slime all over her, and it looks like she wants to eat... HER VAGINA!! What kind of zombie is this? Possibly a lesbian one.
Ashley Fucked By A River Monster


Starring Ashley Lane and Rock
Driven by a primal urge, the river monster oozes from his stinking cave. He is lurking around the river, looking for fish or small woodland creatures he can torment and play with when he hears something. It sounds like music. Alert and excited, the monster crawls toward the sound. Then he spots her. A beautiful maiden, clad only in a bikini, humming to herself. She's alone, enjoying the tranquility of the summer day in the clearing. He follows her, lurking just far enough away that she doesn't notice his presence. What a beautiful specimen. Another for his collection. She's lost in her own mind, distracted by the sparkling water. The opportunity presents itself to snatch her, and he takes it. He grabs her from behind, knocking her out. The monster picks her up and carries her to a soft patch of grass. Peeling off her bathing suit, he wastes no time and begins fucking her with his giant green cock. The stench is overwhelming. The damp, scaly flesh feels cold and slimy against her skin. She starts to sob, trying to hit him away by feebly flailing her arms. Grabbing her face and breasts, the monster fucks her hard. He rolls over, almost satisfied, and she tries to bolt. Nice try, lady. She's obviously never been captured by a river monster before. He grabs her and fucks her again as she sobs, thinking of home. Wondering if she will ever see her family again. How will they find out shes missing? Will people post nice things on her Facebook page? But the monster grabs her and tosses her over his shoulder. He carries her to the clearing, throwing her clothes at her and lurking back to his cave. He got what he wanted, now to go hunt for dinner

Thursday, September 3, 2015