Sunday, January 22, 2017

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Monsterbabe Central Update Jan 21, 2017

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Keyla meets "
Ash Gordon" at Spacebabe Command and they hold a council of war. But what can the two curvaceous cuties really do against an EMPIRE? Wow! Mz Hyde has finally awakened and doesn't like to hear that she's "crazy". Or maybe she's ok with it and it's just the voices in her head that object? We'll see, but in the meantime she's gonna show the doctor that giving head is like riding a bike - you never lose the knack! Check it out in "Dr. Jekyl does Mz. Hyde". The "Demons" are still at it and there's hell to pay in this weeks photo comic update. Arms up, tits out - that's a good look for her - green or not!

Strap down for ride fellas. "
Fables of Fright" presents the first of a three part "Goldilocks" adventure! You may cleverly surmise that this one's a 'lil different than the tale yer mamma told you. "Monstousityverse" presents another "better think about it" moment as an overconfident Spacebabe yearns to take on a new alien species. But alas.. she MAY have some regrets! Then "Tasty Tit-bits" presents an interesting partnership when the man that women can't say no to teams up with the monster that's always up for sloppy seconds. Good 'till the last bite! And lastly the ever faithful "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" delivers "Vitamin E-vil". A sweet young sciency-babe whips up a terrific new formula that makes her do bad bad things! But she's sooo good at the bad things that you won't even mind. At least until she kills you.

There's always a catch..
Mike da Mutant

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Monster Under the Bed: Olivia Austin

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A creature that is able to create multiple arms from people it had absorbed hides under women’s beds and has its way with them. In this video Olivia Austin decides to take a nap when her meeting is pushed back. While she is sleeping the creatures start to touch her lovely body. Olivia wakes when she feels a hand over her underwear. She is terrified; but does not have much time to think about it, as the hands move quickly to hold her down and have their way with her.