Saturday, August 27, 2016

Monsterbabe Central update Aug 27, 2016

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There's been another "
Abduction"! This time they took a gal right out of the cinema! And it doesn't look like she's comin' back. Doctor Jekyll part 2 is up in "Fables of Fright". Hide the virgins man!! (Not really a problem 'round here). "Katruul" gets down to the babe bashing and she's shedding clothing. Go mean monster man! And the vampire to die for is almost done with her victim in "Kiss of the Vampire"! Next week it ends.. err.. HE ends!


Won't matter in the end will it? Not when "
Mamma Knows Best". Mamma's boy has the busty cleaning lady cornered and he's helping himself to her bounteous bosom! But she's NOT goin' down without a fight! "BRUGE" is up in the short story section and the nasty beast has appetites that only SHE can satisfy. Poor, poor girl.. Then the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" has "Calling the Darkness" a tale about a demonic summoning gone horribly, horribly RIGHT! Or so they think..

Mike da Mutant