Monday, June 27, 2016

Recently Released Japanese DVD (MVSD297)

This live action Japanese DVD came out not to long ago (June 19th). I've posted some pictures bellow.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Monsterbabe Central update June 25, 2016

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The "
Gray Goo" must flow! And busty Betty is doin' her part! The chicks doin' everything 'cept slicing Dr. Gray open to get some of it but so far he's holding back. Maybe it takes a while to establish itself in one person before it can jump to another? And she's killed his companions and seared him to a crisp but she's not done yet. A Vampires stronghold must be a lonely place cause the sole survivor lingers for the "Kiss of the Vampire" - if he wants to or not! "Grave Consequences" begins this week. It's a life-lesson on why you should never clown around in a graveyard! One that these two beauties are about to learn.


But when the shuttle crew rescues our heroine in "
Alien Runner" from all that incessant alien sex she rewards them with.. more incessant sex! The girl's a one-trick pony but if ya find something that you're good at.. guess ya stick with it! "Daphne: Vampire Slayer" kicks off a four episode run this week. Daphne breaks up an attempted vampire gang rape in her debut. But.. she didn't even get naked! That'll change soon.. we just need tougher vampires! "Star Vixen" returns and there's a homecoming of sorts. Dr. Boner greets her son as he re-joins the crew but her son has plans to "join" his mom! Right here, right now, in front of everybody! Then the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" serves up a cold slice of "Revenge" when marauding aliens attack a spaceship and kill everybody except for the one human female they decide to keep and double-team. But she's not as helpless as she seems!

Or so I'm told..
Mike da Mutant

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Monsterbabe Central update June 18, 2016

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But NOOooooo.. They chose instead to mess with a power far beyond their own. And now two of them are dead and the survivor is about to become a gorgeous vampire's chew-toy! "
Kiss of the Vampire" starts this week starring Natalie Minx as the tormenting object of lust that enjoys toying with her victim. He's probably okay with it too - at first! Then brainless Betty takes a pounding from the demented Dr. Gray and his nanobots! Betty can't decide if she likes it but is a 'lil scared or if she just plain LOVES it! Either way she's gonna catch a mouthful of "Gray GOO"! The "Raid on Giolikki" concludes this week and it's a Spacebabes "fate worse than death". Far worse..


Yep. Those sneaky alien bastards have taken another Earth girl! This one's a beauty but her attitude will leave you wishing that they'd stuff something in her mouth to shut her up. And your "
Abduction" wish is granted! "Tasty Tit-bits" is back! Sure, you'd think being a babe-gobbling monster would be all fun and games but these guys have feelings too ya know. And when one nasty chick sucks all the fun out of terrorizing her - there's only one thing left to do! "Venix" wraps it up this week with a bang! She's banged, he's banged. anybody not already dead is banged! And it's a sad state of affairs when a beautiful lady has to be "saved" from rape by a wild beast! Then again..I guess she wasn't really saved at all in the "W.A.B.A.C. Machines" "Lunar Lust".

Mike da Mutant