Saturday, April 30, 2016

Monsterbabe Central Update April 30, 2016

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If there's a spook lurking around your place the you'll wanna know about the "
SPOOK HUNTERS"! They're the team of Psychic investigates that gets results! And they'll do WHATEVER it takes to lure out those pesky phantom pervs! Whatever it takes. Then "The Trap" has sprung and the ugly other-worlder is gonna try to make the best of it. But he better make sure that he pleases these gals or they'll tear him apart! Dancer Denz gets the full-on welcome from the PUNISHER this week in "Immoral Kombat" but she's not appreciating his effort. No matter. He's enthusiastic enough for both of them!


Oh yeah. "Space Cram" joins the lineup in the "
Star Woes" section and your innocent recollections of childhood entertainment will NEVER be the same. Gotta love that 'lil guy in the helmet! An alien (cleverly disguised as a smokin' babe) invades a spaceship and proceeds to extract "DNA" from the crew in the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine". But the crew's not complaining about this "Wolf in Sheep's Clothing". Not even a little! "The Monster Channel" returns with a fresh update on the fallen bimbo - the victim of Frankenstein's Monster! But even as the doctor races to restore her life-force he can't keep his dick out of her friends! Sidebar: If we could wrap some wire around Bela Lugosi's corpse and surround his coffin with magnets we could power a city with all that spinning! Then the "Star Vixen" saga begins as the captain and crew explore a newly discovered planet. And they get explored right back!

Only seems fair, ya know?
Mike da Mutant

Gifs April 30, 2016


Monday, April 25, 2016

Video April 25, 2016

Vanessa Cage in Return of the Swamp Monster

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The Swamp Monster had returned to his Swamp for several month to enjoy a vacation. This weekend is the first of the new moon and Swamp is horny. He is looking for young porn starts to breed and impregnate. First in line is Vanessa, blonde bombshell with lovely new cans and a perfectly shaved gash. Vanessa should have locked her back door because her front door is wide open.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Pics April 23, 2016

Monsterbabe Central Update April 23, 2016

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Riki Lixx" takes the final thrust this week and her alien captor has had a great time. Riki.. less so, but that's the Spacebabe way! "The Trap" has sprung and two gorgeous gals have the upper hand with thier captive ghoul! But can he perform as they expect or will parts just fall off? "Immoral Kombat" is closing in on the last few issues but the action isn't slowing down at all. One gals gets a mini-creature reaming in the forest while another one has BIG bug problems. And Danz locks up with the PUNISHER!


Lost lands: Aftermath" is up from Briaeros! It's terror in the terminal as the full extent of the ancient gods power becomes apparent! It might just be time to go with the flow gals. If ya can't beat 'em learn to suck tentacles? "Aliens, Babes & Creatures" returns with an epic orgy of brightly colored aliens and our poor little Earth girl has just barely survived. But she's not safe, more like "pickled"! "Venix" joins the lineup as the Space Rangers get an urgent mission. But if it interrupts their tryst it might just have to wait! Then there's a kickin' "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" entry this week! Sweet revenge from beyond the grave in "The Old Winston Place". Excellent!

Updates are on Friday nights now - in case you missed the announcement a few weeks ago. Nice start for the weekend!

I think I'll start right now.
Mike da Mutant

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Monsterbabe Central Update April 16, 2016

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But for some reason the gals decided that they had to catch a zombie thing and so they laid "
The Trap". And this week they caught a "live" one! The "Abduction of Riki Lixx" continues as the alien can't decide which end to take. So why not both? Danser Denz goes to the PUNISHER this week and seems to think that she deserves better treatment than the rest. He apparently disagrees. "Immoral Kombat" concurs. Punish her!


This week's brand new "
Fable of Fright" is "Ugly Duck 2". She's not ugly anymore! But there some evil spook that's noticed her fine profile and he's gonna make her wish that she was! If she lives that long. I LOVE this next theme - hypnosis. "Vaudeville" is up in the short story section about a side show where the swinging watch leads women to do all kinds of nasty things. And then it REALLY gets bad! Final issue of "The Living Brain" is up and the brain's plan is a roaring success! The "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" cranks out "Interstellar" about one of those test "first contact" scenes. And naturally there's a LOT of contact!

Mike da Mutant

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Monster Invasion new Video Update April 10, 2016

Hello Everyone,

Sorry for the delay in updates on the new videos. I have been work very hard on them, and things are progressing nicely. Scene One is about 84% complete right now which I am really happy about. Scene Two got a few more shots done, and is about 16% complete.

In my last update I said that there are two scenes. Scene one will be about 6 min in length with Scene two being about 14 min. Since it take me awhile to add effect to the video  I don't want to have too big of a gap between releases. So I am planning on splitting Scene two in to two parts. I feel that this is a good idea, but please let me know what you think in the comments below.
This video will be connected to the story of Commander Goldie Captured (Alien Interrogation and Alien Nightmare videos). It takes place just right before them. It will also have a connection to Tentacle Abduction, with the "master" of the ship being the same tentacle monster from that video (which is in scene two).

You can see other videos I've made here Monster Invasion
Sarah held down by two guards

So here is a little better description of Scene One.

Commander Goldie has just been kidnaped from earth with vital information on earth defence codes. Earth has sent Covert agent Sarah to rescue her before its to late. She makes her way on to the Alien ship, and knocks out two guards. However she still get found out, and the guards who were knocked out have some fun with Agent Sarah before handing her over to their master.