Monday, November 30, 2015

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Tentacles Attack! 854x480

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Agent Blu has been stalking Dr. Squid for almost a month, his powers get weaker closer to a full moon when he must return to the Ocean to regenerate. "I'm not going to let that happen," Agent Blu purrs. She keeps her laser weapon close to her chest ready to zap him down when he surprises her with injecting his slimy tentacle into her belly button. She falls to her knees in pain and he electrocutes her, zapping her to submission.

Dr. Squid reaches out his long cold fingertips and exposes her, taking her mask of anonymity off. "Argghh!" Brianne struggles when she awakens being carried to the doctor's table. He zaps her in her belly button, and another tentacle is shoved down her throat, making her gag and gasp for air. Dr. Squid uses another tentacle to expose her perfect, pink pussy, and he injects it with a monstrous tentacle, stretching her to capacity. Agent Brianne Blu tries to keep it from making her orgasm, as an orgasm allows her male counterpart to leech her superpowers, but she fails, she bucks her hips to welcome the tentacle deeper inside of her, her mind resisting, her body welcoming, the contradiction between her mind and body makes her moan in agony and pleasure as the tentacle injects her with white cum slime. The tentacles move from her body, her chest rises and falls as she tries to compose herself. "You'll. never. get. away.." Agent Blu promises to have her revenge.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Cyber Monday Sale

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