Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Video March 30, 2016

Rachel and the Monster
STARRING: Rachel James and Rock

Rachel is being attacked by the evil Sea Monster, only he does not want to beat her, her wants to fuck her! She runs his claws along her body before revealing his big, thick, meaty cock. He shoves it inside her pussy and fucks her hard on her back. He pounds her deep his hands pushing her further and further on his cock. He forces her to ride on top, her little tits bouncing as she feels the power of his little monster.
He finally cums deep inside her as she curls up, crying and afraid of the cruel being. He leaves and returns with a rope, as he quickly dispatches the little cunt, her, her feet kicking, her arms tensing her body eventually falling silent.

Fetish Elements:Sexual Content, Monster, Costume, Cosplay, Pussy Fucking, Dildo, Cowgirl, , Body Views, Foot Views

Friday, March 25, 2016

Monsterbabe Central Update March 25, 2016

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A clueless alien prods and gropes and then finally ray-zaps her while she's strapped to its examination table. But is it really just after some ass? Ya gotta watch "
The Abduction of Rikki Lixx"! Then you can't keep a good Spacebabe down! Shannnon's wriggled her way free and now she's on a tear in "OUTRAGE". And her alien foes are the ones get'n torn! You just gotta love her when she's angry! Boobs and blades dominate "Immoral Kombat" but who's the new gal and what the hell is that looming above her? Next up: Melissa hides out from the bad guys deep in the swamp. But the bad guys aren't the real threat. Not even close! She's just learning how much trouble she's got in "Aliens, Babes & Creatures".

One of those loose legged beauties in "
The Monster Channel" has died! But no fear. The friendly doctor says he can fix her! Huh? It's two against one in the bedroom as "The Living Brain" begins his big-boob pajama party. And there's a jealous boyfriend outside who just got invited to partake! The "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" gets the mummyfuckation treatment this week with "Tainted Treasure". One seriously hot explorer learns the price of trespassing!

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Monsterbabe Central Update March 19, 2016

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Yep. And that's what gets her into trouble. Riki Lixx gets zapped in another "
ABDUCTION" and this one's electric! She's in for hell! And Shanon's not doing any better. She's so overpowered and so pinned under a giant size alien that there's no room to breath! But her struggles are fantastic in "OUTRAGE". Donny presents "Dora Spikes" and the feckless 'lil alien that wants her so badly. Until he gets her! "Immoral Kombat" is an ass-woopers dream! Ample buns taste the PUNISHER's whip while blades of death begin to bite in the contest above.


Or just a multi-tentacled omnivorous terror of days gone by? Either way, he's got the gals. He's got 'em ALL. And he's in total control. I know it looks really bad but in reality.. it's MUCH MUCH WORSE! Don't miss this issue of "
Lost Lands: Aftermath"! "The Living Brain" returns with a suspisious offer from an unseen recluse. But for 4100,000 each, three gals decide to take the challenge. Let's see how that works out for 'em! And the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" surfaces with "Shockwave". A couple of sun bathing gals decide to check out the WW2 submarine that just washed up on the beach. Gee... what could go wrong?

Beats me!
Mike da Mutant