Saturday, July 30, 2016

Monsterbabe Central update July 30, 2016

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The horny clown in "
Grave Consequences" gets off TWICE in this weeks conclusion. Unfortunately that means that the gals have .. well.. expired. But I'm sure that he feels guilty... "The Kiss of the Vampire" gets one step closer to death as the Vampire decides to straddle her victim and ride him to hell. And the Goo girls get down to some serious "Gray Goo" swapping as the good doctor watches approvingly.


to Hyde! "
Fables of Fright" kicks off a 3-part series about the famous Doctor and his evil alter-ego this week. He's a freak but he's got great taste in women! We must be having a sale on Earth girls 'cause "Abducted" gets a 2 for 1 this time around. Double the fun! "Cyberdevil" is up in the short short section - VR at it's FINEST! Or maybe LETHAL-est? Wrappin' it up this week comes the "W.A.B.A.C Machines" presentation of "Housewives in Space" - the brutal end of the home invasion. Those are some expensive groceries!

Nice cantaloupes too!
Mike da Mutant

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Monsterbabe Central update July 23, 2016

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GO! It's time for a "
Night with a Vampire"! One of the best illustrated comic series we've ever had and it a celebration of EVIL! Sure, he's the devil incarnate but man.. he knows how to treat the ladies! Dig in on issue one right now fellas - it's da GOOD STUFF! Then pull up a chair and soak in the spectacle of the "Kiss of the Vampire"! Her lips do a damn-sight more than just kiss her victim before she feeds. His fatal trip to hell starts deep, deep in her throat!


Some "
Gray Goo"! Why not? Everybody else seems to enjoy it. Betty the bimbo applies her well-honed talents to the lab assistants coochee waaaay more than is required for the nano-transfer and her "victim" reciprocates! Girls gone GOO! That evil clown has the blasphemous babes doin' the dirty to each other but he tires of merely directing. Time to join in on the "Grave Consequences"!


Daphne Vampire Killer" does! She just lost hers with an orgasm! And the throng of the undead is having a go at her - all at once. Her fall from grace is almost complete but her suffering still hasn't ended. There's an even steeper fall next time! Life imitates art in the "W.A.B.A.C. Machines" "Night of the Werewolf". They were just makin' out at the drive-in when the creature on the silver screen came to life and killed him, took his pleasure from her. It was a bad scene. Worse.. it's double creature feature! The "Star Vixen" is under attack but while the brave crew launches fighters for a star battle the pirates have another idea. Board 'em and rape 'em! I'm not seeing a happy ending here - unless you're a pirate!

Shiver me timbers.. Pass the Vixen matey!
Mike da Mutant

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Video: July 21, 2016

Monster Bangs Ashley Lane 


STARRING: Ashely Lane

When Ashley moved in to her new house she had heard rumors about a swamp monster in the swamps behind her house but she never believed them. This all changed one night when she was home alone. She is getting ready for bed when she hears a noise from the back of the house. Crash...... bang the noise went then the sound of cat hissing. It must just be her neighbors cats she thinks to her self, leaving the window open to catch part of that summer evening breeze. She's about to head to slip into bed when she hears a noise again from the window, before she can figure it out in comes the swamp monster attached by the smell of her tight young pussy. She is attacked by the monster and thrown to the bed. she quickly realizes what it wants with her, and that is to breed. She is fucked by the monster confused if she is fighting for her life or if she likes it.

Fetish Elements: Sexual Content, Nudity, Monster, Rape, Body Views, Foot views

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Monsterbabe Central update July 16, 2016

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Laura Talbot - "
Lost Lands AFTERMATH" concludes today! The oldie-moldie god's victory is complete and the last resistance has been overcome. There's terror about to spread worldwide and no one can fight it. Might as well off ourselves right now! But the flipside is that Briaeros is hard at work on another epic adventure and I can't wait to see what the dean of dementia comes up with next! He doesn't disappoint. The puppets are groping each other at the clowns direction in "Grave Consequences" and the vampire with the deep throat and alabaster skin is fighting the urge to take a nip or two as she continues her floor work on the oh-so-doomed object of her oral attentions. It's his last blowjob so I hope it's a great one in "Kiss of the Vampire"!


Today, the uber-stacked lab assistant gets Gooey Betty's full attention in "
Gray Goo". She should damn well know better but apparently the Goo make them irresistible? The Goo must flow! Brand new "STAR WOES" adventure! "Naughty Hill" is up with a busty version of Julia Roberts and a "WTF is THAT?" alien that thinks she's quiet cuddly! And "Abducted!" returns with more strange invaders. These guys lurk in a cave and snatch all the hot, big-boobed human females that wander in. Guess there's plenty, huh? (I tried, didn't work for me). And the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" is blessed (BLESSED I TELL YA!) with the very first issue of Slid's "Housewives in Space" saga. These alien delivery boys get ALL the action!

Where do I sign up?
Mike da Mutant