Saturday, August 13, 2016

Monsterbabe Central update Aug 13, 2016

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Hope so, 'cause we got one in the mix this week! "
Katruul" begins with Dianna Knight as the good lookin' one versus some ugly alien scumball that can't wait to put his hands on her. Can't really blame him.. Then the hot blood sucker gets down to some serious face work in "Kiss of the Vampire". We all know that vampires suck but who'da thunk that it would be this good? Not that it's gonna change her victims fate.. but it's not a bad send-off! Mommies 'lil darling is unleashed on the cleaning lady as "Momma Knows Best" continues the terror. He's not too fast but she doesn't really have much room to evade him so the CHASE is ON! And she's leaving a trail of ripped off clothing behind her.


The Desire Machine" is up in the short story section. It's about a new invention that could spell doom for mankind! Or at least for men. There's another "Abduction" in the line-up too. This time it's kind of an inside job! Then a nosy neighbor gets more than she bargained for in this weeks new "Tasty Tit-Bit" called "Howdy Neighbor". Seems the new guy next door likes the ladies - and so does his pet! Wrappin' it up comes the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" with "The GHMEE Toy" this week. These damn female pleasing inventions will put us all outta business!

A pox upon progress!
Mike da Mutant

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