Saturday, September 24, 2016

Monsterbabe Central update Sept 24, 2016

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And she ain't get'n back up! "
Katruul" wraps up an embarrassing episode in the annuls of Spacebabeology when our champion bites the big one. But In "Seduction of Frankenstein" his soon to be bride dispatches Egor than discovers Franky in a box. He's unresponsive so being made mostly from prostitute parts, her reflex is to try the familiar - and down she goes! "Mamma Knows Best" gets down to the knitty-gritty as our super-stacked cleaning lady is cornered for the last time. Mamma blocks the door with her gun and looks like she might join in as her malformed offspring closes in for the payoff!


Not this time! She closed down the bar and headed home alone but didn't even make it to the street before an alien pervert snatches her away to his alien perverto-ship. Yep, it's another "
Abduction"! Gotta get me one of them perverto-ships! Dr. Jekyll's saga come to it's bloody conclusion this week in "Fables of Fright" and he's managed to "Hyde" all the bodies! (ok.. sorry.) But in "Back Alley Quickie" the evil doers find out that they're NOT the most evil doin' creature in the alley. Instant Karma in the short story section! Despicable invaders defile the innocent as the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" rolls out the conclusion to "Amazon Assault". Which makes me wonder in there's any "despicable invader" positions available. Nah.. Probably requires a union card. Dammit.

Think I'll apply anyway.

Mike da Mutant

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