Thursday, September 1, 2016

The Rescue: Part 1 Released!!

You can purchase this video at Monster Invasion

The Rescue: Part 1 is finally out. I had some computer problems that really slowed me down. I found some ways to work around the problem, and was able to slowly finish it. The video has some clothing destruction but it is on the quick side.

Here is the Video Distribution

A military base has just been attacked by unknown aliens. They have taken a few officers, including a Commander with earth defence information. Sarah is sent on a covert mission to rescue her before they get the information. However while on the alien ship, she runs into some trouble of her own. Will she rescue the Commander in time?

Staring: Sarah Vandella

$5.99 USD


  1. Die Vorschau auf dieses Video ist schon sehr interessant. Ich liebe diese Sitution, Mädchen wird fest gehalten und langsam vollständig ausgezogen und räkelt sich dabei.Ich habe es noch nicht gekauft aber vielleicht wenn der zweite Teil fertig ist. Ohne Sex finde ich gut. Aber alles vom Körper Berühren sollte dabei sein.

  2. Any idea on Part 2 release?