Thursday, September 8, 2016

Video: Sept 08, 2016

Slithering Succubus: Mesmerized, Drained, & Enslaved by A Succubus & Her Demon Snake

Video From Ludella Hahn's Fetish Adventures

Ludella's sister has been missing for days, which has her very concerned. She goes to her sister's boss' house to investigate and gets an eerie feeling about her and the house, so she starts snooping around. Little does she know that Anastasia is actually not quite human...she's a succubus...and Ludella has walked right into her residence with no one knowing she's there, making her quite an easy victim. Hearing her little prey snooping about, Anastasia locks the door...which can only be unlocked by magic.

She sneaks up behind Ludella, startling her. "Oh my! I' sorry... It's just, my sister missing has me so stressed out and I just thought maybe I could find some kind of clue..." The succubus puts her fingers on Ludella's temples. "You just need to relax....relax....look into my eyes..." Ludella continues to babble on avoiding her gaze, but soon Anastasia catches her eyes just right and Ludella falls into her power. Her eyes roll and then stare blankly ahead. She doesn't blink when Anastasia waves her hand in front of her--she just stares blankly waiting for her orders.

Anastasia investigates her victim, lifting her arm, "My, my, you have a dancer's body... Let's have a dance, a nice slow dance together...hahahaha!" She gets behind Ludella, holding her arms out and making her dance like a puppet. She grinds her pelvis up against Ludella's butt while they sway. The succubus hugs her arms around her puppet intimately while their hips rock back and forth. She's savoring this moment, speaking aloud about how she did in fact take her sister...who is now a skeleton in her basement...but she is liking Ludella's body even more.

She strips off Ludella's top and dances with her some more, groping her tits before she undoes the bra and exposes her breasts. "'re even bigger than your sister. I like that." She continues playing with her tits, but Ludella begins falling out of the trance, and when she finally comes fully to, she tries to bolt. They get into a struggle, but Anastasia pulls her back around and locks eyes with her. Her neck moves like a snake. "Follow my eyes... you're getting deeper and deeper into my trance... I'm going to suck the life out of you...because I am a succubus..."

When Ludella is completely blank and in a much deeper trance, Anastasia grabs a cigarette and puts it into Ludella's mouth, "I'm going to make you a smoker in your final hours. Hahahaha!" She laughs evilly. "It's going to feel so good to make a strong woman like you and make her helpless. I'm going to fuck you into oblivion. Hahahaha! Now, take off your pants for me." Ludella takes off her pants, staring blankly ahead with the cigarette in her mouth. Anastasia sits on a chair. "Straddle me." Ludella obeys, straddling the succubus in her panties. "You have a nice plump bottom." She bounces it up and down, jiggling it while Ludella bounces in her lap. She enjoys this for a while, but soon it's driving her crazy...she needs her now...

"Up! Take off your panties and get on that table." Ludella obeys, "Yesssssssss....." She poses in the slave position on the table and Anastasia puts her fingers to her temples again, pulling more of her energy. "Just a little more..." She lets Ludella go, then comes around to take the cigarette out of her mouth. "You mind is...?"
"Just like...?"
"I will be soon."
"Good." Anastasia puts the cigarette back in her mouth and calls for her pet. There's a strange slithering sound as it approaches. "I will take the rest of her through you. Now, enter her!" The snake moves toward her hole and Ludella's blank stare goes to one of shock as she gasps. The demon snake is inside her, taking her. Anastasia laughs, absorbing the rest of Ludella's free will and soul. She gropes her body and grips around her neck while Ludella moans, eyes rolling. "I was going to put you in the basement with your sister, but now I think I will keep you as my smoking sex slave." Soon, Ludella is begging between moans, "Please take all of me." Anastasia makes her repeat it with the cigarette and without. She laughs, knowing the girl is now her slave forever. The snake pulls out, causing Ludella to fall limply to the floor. "You're mine forever." Anastasia laughs maniacally. "Come my pet, let's go..." She says to her demon snake, and they leave Ludella twitching and eyes rolling on the floor...nothing but a plaything now...

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