Saturday, October 8, 2016

Monsterbabe Central Update Oct 08, 2016

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Says the newly revived creature in "
The Seduction of Frankenstein"! And even though she breaks away and does her best to resist that nasty 'ol monsters cock keeps finding it's way back to her oh-too-willing mouth! Hey! SHE started it! And even as a prisoner of unseen alien scumbags, "Tony Steel" can't really bitch about his treatment so far. Gosh-golly Batman.. is it really torture when some built-for-sex alien concubine-slave decides to make you her personal Popsicle? "Mamma Knows Best" and she loves to get in on the action! Mamma's 'lil nightmare sticks the evil weasel waaaay up inside the cleaning lady's "personal space" as mamma cheers him on! I'll bet that Thanksgiving is fun at their house!

The "
Abducted" tale come to an end with another mysterious catch and release episode. But she'll remember it. Always! And the mildest of nursery rhymes can be despoiled! Witness our Monsterbabe take on "Pinocchio" - the untold story! It's cleverly stashed in the "Fable of Fright" section for your perverse perusal.


She drew it and now she's down deep inside the bowels of a disabled spaceship trying to figure out what the problem is. But she'll just find another, much more personal problem when she stumbles across "The Stowaway" in the "
Wicked Weird Tales" fun zone! Then multiple cuties get gang banged by a single alien intruder in this weeks "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" entry called "Space Station #9". Wonder how it's goin' on the other eight..?

3 day weekend? REJOICE!
Mike da Mutant

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