Saturday, October 29, 2016

Monsterbabe Central Update Oct 28, 2016

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In fact, I don't think we'll ever get 'em untangled! "
The Seduction of Frankenstein" concludes this week with a double-monster orgasm that drains them both. Literally. Our reluctant hero "Tony Steel" faces the alien slave as she switches from a suckathon to a humpathon this week. But while she begs him "not to hurry" she's using all that she's got to do exactly that! Momma moves in to clean things up in "Mamma Knows Best". The fact that the cleaning lady has expired seems to be overlooked as the freaky family action comes to it's climax!

She's the sweet, sweet treat that lingers! But for the science nerds that she's tempting she might just be the worst of all "unintended consequences"! The wondrous artwork of Rom is featured in this weeks short story called "
Nectar". Then it's time for a double-down "Tit-Bit"! Two amazing babes take the slimy gullet route as the beast and his master have a feast! "Return to Roswell" is back and you aren't even safe in your own backyard! Creepy-crawly aliens infest a couple sun worshipers and really probe these unlucky pool bunnies. Then the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" tells the tale of two stranded spacemen and the unlikely gals that decide to "save" them. Hmm.. Seems harmless. I mean two hot alien babes..

What could go wrong?
Mike da Mutant

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