Saturday, October 15, 2016

Monsterbabe Central Update Oct 15, 2016

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the STEEL in his TONY! "
The Curious Abduction of Tony Steel" has this alien chick with a Klingon-like forehead But hey nobody's perfect! But that body.. IS! And apparently she's gonna suck the life right out of him! And Electra catches a break (?) this week when Frankenstein's monster discovers that his moldy member can go other places besides her mouth! "The Seduction of Frankenstein" thumps on! "Mamma Knows Best" that junior needs a little help holding that gal down so like the loving parent that she is - she piles on too!


Gasp! The unsuspecting explores may have stumbled onto a massacre! "
Charonte" gets creepy as hell as they explore the dead ship and finally discover the crew! At least what's left of 'em. "Return to Roswell"? Why not? It's a place where even the most hideous alien scum can get laid. Hell, I gotta give that place a try! She ain't Orchin! But she's definitely got a "BUG" problem! And I don't think she wanted them UP THERE! i And it's a wowzer "W.A.B.A.C." week! The mighty Smudge chips in with the first of a two part "Earth Quest" story. And the fallout from failure will be dire!

DIRE I tell you!
Mike da Mutant

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