Thursday, February 4, 2016

Monster Invasion new Video Update Feb 04, 2016

Hi everyone,
If your coming from my Monster Invasion clip store your probably wondering when I am going to release another video. A new video has be been filmed with the lovely Sarah Vandella. Bellow is a picture that Sarah Vandella took on the day of filming that is posted on her twitter account.
Since filming has been completed I have been working on adding visual effects; which will take me awhile to complete. There are two scenes filmed Scene 1 is 28% complete, and Scene 2 is 13% complete as of today. I am focusing on the harder shots first, so once those are done I hope to really pick up some speed.
Scene 1 will involve two small alien creatures about half the size of Sarah. Scene 2 will involve tentacles, the picture above is what Sarah wears in that scene.
I will try to post a monthly update, so you know whats going on. As of right now I'm thinking late spring release but this is just a guess.
Thanks for your support


  1. Hey, it looks like you took my advice for a film (Tentacle Abduction) I thought it would do well. Uh, whaddaya got in store for this babe?


  2. Waiting on news of these clips!!!! Please inform us!!!!!

    1. Thank you for your interest, and sorry for the delay in updates. Things are move well and I should have a new post up in the next few days.