Sunday, February 14, 2016

Video Feb 14, 2016

 Tentacle Sex & Birthing Alien HD

Video from Missa

Includes: Incredible explicit shot of alien with tentacles sex, explicit birthing process (too explicit for my .gif)
I am listening to music and cleaning my room when I hear a strange noise. I brush it off, I do have a silly imagination, and then I hear a different strange noise. My boyfriend is away on business and won't be back until next week, strange, there is no one in the house. I start to worry and I turn on my phone to call for help, my phone is . I hurry to the bedroom where I devise a plan to protect myself, and I feel something watching me.
Some THING wraps it's tentacles around me and slams me on the bed. The tentacles wrap around my arms, and pushes my legs wide open. I can feel the slimy tentacle take off my panties, I gasp, it begins to enter me.
I can feel the slimy tentacle working it's way inside my pussy, the tentacles are so big! I am terrified as it plunges in and out of me. I feel it ejaculate inside of me, I cum, it slides out. The tentacles release from my body, and I can feel it slink off of me.
The experience has caused me to sleep deeply. I feel the egg grow inside of me inside my sleep, my belly grows, larger and larger, and I wake up from the movement! I am horrified, and I can feel the pressure, it wants to come out!
I move into different birthing positions as our combined cum ooze out of my pussy. I can feel it start to crest, teasing me, offering me relief, and then it comes back into my pussy. I know I need to push hard, and I lay on my back. I put my hands over my new pregnant stomach, and I PUSH, push, push. I can feel the alien hand come out of my pussy. It's moving, eager to see the world, and I push. The alien comes out, and, oddly, I feel warm towards the alien boy that I have given birth to. It is my baby, and when I hear his cry, my motherly instinct causes me to wrap him in a towel and soothe him. His eyes glow red, beady, looking into my human eyes. I feel the presence of the alien nearby, satisfied at our creation.

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