Friday, February 12, 2016

Monsterbabe Central Update Feb 12, 2016


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No time to waste that is. "The Author" concludes this week and next week it's GONE so get in there and enjoy it whilst you can! "OUTRAGE" is just get'n to the good part though. Shannon dispatches one creepy alien and proceeds to find the rest. She's ambushed on the way and barely escapes before her spacecraft is destroyed. But where the hell is she? And what's on the other side of those curtains? "Immoral Kombat" sees Firestorm get some electrocution overtime and introduces Quickblade. Quickblade is played by Nika Noire and if you don't recognize the goddess of deepthroat - Google her. Astounding woman...


Slid's up with "
Beach Blanket Bimbo" a lovely tale about a red-hot MILF who wants to make sure that her daughters suitor is worthy of her. And boy does she! Only problem is that their beach sex has caught the attention of something big, slimy and horny as hell! Two part'r - conclusion next week. "The Recruiter" is also up in the short story section. Interstellar exploration has never been so damn fun! Gotta get me one of them purple gals! The "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" spits up "BRAZOV" this week. Hot babe with a broken-down car seeks help in exactly the wrong place. After the bats had stripped off my clothes I'd have probably turned around, but thankfully, she didn't! Then It's "Monster Channel" time! That bus load of cheerleaders is sure comin' in handy as Igor, The doctor AND the Monster get more sex than anything evil deserves! But the curfew has expired and the "Hybrids" are about to pounce!

So pounce on it!
Mike da Mutant

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