Friday, February 5, 2016

Monsterbabe Central Update Feb 04, 2016

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Man.. Mz typist still has punctures from the vampire and now she gets a visit from the Wolf Man? "
The Author" makes another appearance in her room and now she's REALLY gotta be asking herself "How badly do I need this job?". Then it's time to spill the beans or face the consequences for an evil alien in "Outrage". Shannon doesn't seem in the mood for any BS so he better start talking - while he can! Scorpia is freshly resurrected after her time with the PUNISHER. And she's a bit upset about it all - so she's gonna take her frustrations out on "Immoral Kombat 2's" Firestorm! Hell hath no fury...


Well.. all her options are exhausted and her last hope has vanished - guess it's time to screw some Zombies in the final chapter of "
Greely's Grove"! And there's a field trip to the traveling "Psychotic Sex Carnival"! The girls are goin', why not tag along? I mean, what could possibly go wrong? You've seen the latest iteration of "The Day the Earth Stood Still"? Yeah.. not all that good (the 50's version was a classic!) and not REALLY what happened. But you can count on us to deliver the truth as "The Day the Earth Caught Some Slack" reveals the truth behind the legend! Of course it ain't a wrap until the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" does it thing right? This week's entry is "Mistress of the Monster". Some chicks are just too dumb to live!

They never learn..
Mike da Mutant


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